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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Naval Project #245268715 was originally conceived by higher-ups in the Government’s military chain at the goading of the Governmental Department for Scientific Exploration. NP#245268715 had for its goal the exploration of foreign solar systems with the intention of contacting other worthwhile life forms, with the understanding that the aliens would be the brethren with which to share the galaxy, to explore and discover along side of.

The project co-opted a large portion of the Government’s space navy. Using the latest technology in space travel, ships were sent off in all directions, pointed toward the closest stars known to have planets that would support organic life in rotation around them. Many of the scouting craft were comparatively small, and carried a crew of three.

One such craft, insignificant when compared with the thousands of other craft in the fleet, set off for just such a planet around just such a star. The ship was quick, dependable, and was known as Scout Craft #472-36-9.

The star, insignificant when compared with the thousands of other stars in the galaxy, only had one planet upon which life could exist. The planet was of medium size, was covered with oceans, continents, and was known as Earth.

The craft, the star, and the planet were all later deemed significant. This was due to all three producing the first positive results that the project found.

The three crew members aboard listened to transmissions of the creatures accessed from satellites in orbit around the planet. The crew members each represented a branch of the Government, military, science and governing departments. After the designated period of time for study, SC#472-3-9 returned home, and reports were filed for the executive officers of each of the crew members.


Naval Project #245268715
Lt. Galan, Military ID # 4289662

Report: On Governmental Standard Day 892 of Governmental Standard Year 241 we entered the target system. After five days of travel, assessment of all outer planets had been completed. On reaching the target planet, our party found definite signs of life, even advanced life. The inhabitants seem to have progressed past primitive weapons, but focus on ground or atmospheric installations. There was no sign of a space navy, though there were many satellites, most of which seemed to be used for carrying transmissions.

Analysis and Recommendation: This planet is of little value, and can be conquered easily. The most powerful weapons they seem to have are not contained, and therefore will destroy large areas of their planet if released. The target planet does not harbor the goal of the mission, as this race is not disciplined enough to share an appropriate understanding of such essential things as government and military. The planet is governed by many governments, and many of those lack the strength to put down any who dissent. This race is too weak-spined to be brothers to our race. If conquered, they may serve as an adequate slave race.


Naval Project #245268715
Rschr. Tirip, Military ID # 92848720

Report: We reached target site #425 on GSD 892, GSY 241. We spent a week in orbit, and attained much information on the people living there. It took the translation device nearly six hours to decode all the languages that we encountered. We managed to record many historical accounts, and all of our information came from orbital communications satellites.

Analysis and Recommendation: The goal of this project is not met in this people. I discovered, amongst other things, tales of cruelty among this people, as well as disorder and lack of enlightenment. There is still resistance to euthanasia, government abortions, and there is still a belief in mystical religions. The whole of this race has not yet reached a broad-minded and enlightened stance yet. They are promising, as many of them accept the necessity of a progressive mindset. However, they lack the understanding that they need an absolute power to enforce the liberation on those who will not accept it, for the good of society. In short, this race is too weak-minded to be brothers to our race. In time, they may follow in our glorious footsteps, and should be closely monitored in the meantime.


Naval Project #245268715
Government Observer #24811

Report: As per your orders, I accompanied Lt. Galan and Researcher Tirip on their expedition. I managed to cop their access codes and governmental passwords from them while they were busy drooling over all the data they had downloaded. However, the real success of my mission was in the findings that they found: a race much like ours before the blight of this accursed tyranny fell on us. In addition to the access codes, I am also enclosing all the information I found there on forms of government, as well as religion and documents of freedom.

Analysis and Recommendation: These people could be most powerful allies in our planned coup. The revolution will need help if it is to fill the great gap left by our government. Many of the target planet’s nations would most likely aid us. I recommend that we contact them in secret, as if we do not convince them to join us they will almost certainly be destroyed by the Governmental military. On another note, I see that their race is on the same course that we are desperately trying to remove ours from. Already in the larger nations the governments annex all power to themselves, using it to kill off the very old and the very young. Many governments place all the goods in hands of officials, leading to a shade of the corruption that we are so familiar with. I think that these people are truly our brothers, if only our little brothers. They are stronger with the vigor of youth, but must learn from our mistakes. If our cause succeeds, I know that we shall not force them to learn, however. The chasm between our peoples is painful to me. As I see them careening to the unhappy fate of our people, I am filled with a great sadness.

Strength to the revolution!



Blogger Ibid said...

Interesting as a social commentary, but a little short to be truely effective. I would reccomend letting the point of the work come off in a little more subtle of a way. Also the Reports had a bit too much of civilian feel, not militaristic enough to be equal to the lifestyles of the people commenting.

I have a question. Is the Government Officer overthrowing the government he is an officer in? I got that feeling. I also wonder, if it is a coup, as you said, are his messages being recieved by those who will be overthrown? It sounds like the government of the planet might have some sort uber-liberal planet-wide government. I wonder, are the people overthrowing the government equated to our Communists, or are they the exact opposite?

I guess I'm just wondering too much. It was interesting. I suddenly have my own urge to write a story of futuristic visitors. Keep em coming

9:38 AM  
Blogger J.D. said...

Certainly it has potential. Christian science fiction is a vastly underdeveloped resource.

5:40 PM  

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