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West of the Moon is the unofficial, temporary meeting ground for the members of Christendom's Guild of the Cross and the Quill. Sadly West of the Moon won't be in our future permanent web URL because a number of other selfish people already registered all permutations of the URL years ago without even consulting me. For that they shall pay.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A brief appeal

As we get started using this blog, I would like to make one recommendation and it is this:

I find that text read on-screen is generally more difficult to read in depth and to truly digest than text printed physically on paper. This is especially so with literature. The subtleties of style can often be lost on a computer screen, since the internet is so often used for the quick retrieval of pure information, and not enjoyment. Therefore it is customary, and even habitual, to skim what we read on the internet. This translates poorly to literature, in which every single word does, or ought to, serve a particular purpose; in which each individual word contributes to the grand mosaic which constitutes an individual writer's unique voice.

Since most of the posts on this blog will be literature, I think it a good thing to ask that if possible please print out a particular work, and read it carefully in its physical form before commenting.


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